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There is no easy way between the earth and the stars - Seneca

The Starry Vault is an exclusive space of Fraternity, work and reflection, reserved only for its members, Masons whatever their Obedience, East or country.

The Starry Vault offers numerous activities, such as conferences and their replays, cultural and Masonic events, trips and discussion groups, and aims to create and strengthen the link between Freemasons of all Obediences, through the world.

Within this community, exchanges, sharing and dialogue are encouraged and enriched by the diversity of points of view, cultures with total freedom of thought. This interconnection between Freemasons promotes the dissemination of the Fraternity and offers a new approach, to progress together and improve the world around us.

Humanism & Progress of Humanity

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Monday May 13 2024 at 8 p.m.: conference: THE SPIRITUAL QUEST FOR TRUTH.
PLEASE NOTE – This conference will not be available in REPLAY

This is a fascinating subject, the most universal but also the most complex that men have tackled. To treat it, it is necessary to distinguish it from reality, which it represents but with which it is not confused; What is the meaning of truth? 


June 21, 2024 – second Edition of the summer solstice of LA Voûte Etoilée

On June 24, 2023, a daring challenge, daring but met with flying colors. 347 Sisters and Brothers gathered to share an unforgettable late afternoon at Chant d’Eole. We celebrated a Solstice meal followed by a Ritual specially written for the occasion, marked by the spectacular lighting of the Midsummer Fire. Some came from far away, from Marseille, Paris, Nantes, Auxerre, Valencia, Lausanne, London, etc. 

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April 2024 The 5 works of the month to download that we offer in the esoteric & symbolic library

Rituals – REAA 1-2-3 – GODF
Rituals – REAA 1802 – GLNF
Rituals – Philosophical French Rite – GODF
Rituals – Summer Saint-Jean Ritual – FF-DH
Rituals – 1st Grade Apprentice Ritual – Rectified Scottish Rite

Solange's new illustrated PodCast: Noah's Ark

A wooden box saved humanity and nature: Noah's ark. A Mesopotamian clay tablet, presented at the British Museum in London, shakes up what we knew about the myth. By deciphering the 60 lines in cuneiform (the oldest writing in the world) present on its two sides, Irving Finkel, eminent British Assyriologist

Article from March 2024: Food for Thought

Milarepa, from black to white, power subjugated. The Disciple and Master of Reality

From his initial name Thopaga (1040-1123), the hermit Mila Re Pa, that of the Repa lineage who is dressed in a simple cotton garment, is a major figure for the Buddhist East and in particular for the people Tibetan. After Padmasambhava (742-797) and before Tsongkhapa (1357-1419), he is the Master of a path of realization according to the Spirit and the Body, whose aura has widely reached the West.
Its history and its success demonstrate that in one life, one body and one teaching, it is possible for any Subject at the height of his Desire, to cross all obstacles, not to conquer them, but to subject them to the Clear Vision .

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