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There is no easy way between the earth and the stars - Seneca

Welcome to La Voûte Etoilée – A space of fraternity which allows to create links, to spread fraternity, to exchange, share, dialogue, between SS∴ and FF∴ whatever their Obedience, their Orient, their country.
La Voûte Etoilée offers services through its website (Conferences, illustrated video PodCasts, articles, events, trips, etc.) and offers Telegram groups to broadcast fraternal contacts instantly. The Relays and highways of the Fraternity make it possible to initiate cultural, Masonic and festive meetings.

Humanism & Progress of Humanity

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Wednesday February 21, 2024 at 8 p.m.: The architecture of the Tarot de Marseille. First of two conferences

Through a simple geometric demonstration and then numerous examples, the “Primordial Tracing” is revealed. It is a secret geometry, undoubtedly transmitted by fraternities or corporations of builders for more than 25 centuries, which structures most of Western sacred architecture. This simple geometry has surprising mathematical virtues. …

Sunday February 18, 2024 at 8 p.m.: Conference cycle: Religion & philosophy: the Gospel of John

The Gospel according to John, also known as the fourth gospel, is the last of the canonical Gospels of the Christian New Testament. This text is written in Greek, just like the three other canonical gospels, called "synoptic", but it stands out by its composition, its poetic style, its theology, and probably by its sources, as well as by some singular episodes, like the Wedding at Cana or the “adulterous woman”.

The Relays of the Fraternity

Les Relais de La Fraternity proposes to develop a local, regional, national and international Fraternity 

February 2024 The 5 works of the month to download that we offer in the esoteric & symbolic library

History. The secret history of the world
Anti-Masonism. Confessions of a former freethinker
Anti-Masonism. Speech to the Geographical Society
Anti-Masonism. The Illuminated of Bavaria and the German FM
Anti-Masonism. Secret societies in the 20th century

February 2024 Solange's new illustrated PodCast: Noah's Ark

A wooden box saved humanity and nature: Noah's ark. A Mesopotamian clay tablet, presented at the British Museum in London, shakes up what we knew about the myth. By deciphering the 60 lines in cuneiform (the oldest writing in the world) present on its two sides, Irving Finkel, eminent British Assyriologist

There are still some places

Eternal Egypt with The Starry Vault, a unique journey created tailor-made for The Starry Vault.
11 days of dreams, culture, civilization, Fraternity, masonry. Favorite, charm and Masonic adventure.
Program below

January 2024 article: Food for Thought
Joseph ferrari and eugen rosenstock-huessy: two prophetic geniuses who think in epochs of time. 
Very nice article (in French and English) by G. HEATH. Author of “The Western Schism of 1054: the Franks impose their Creed on the Roman Church; Professor Robert G. HEATH (1923-2017), authors, American national, speaker, historian/sociologist, focused on universal history and the history of Europe, specialist in the year 1000, role of the Cluny monastery; Member of the Academy of Sciences of Lyon, …

Our events

Thursday 1, Friday 2, Saturday 3 February 2024

Montserrat & Christophe, have the pleasure of organizing this third edition of the La Voûte Etoilée trip to Barcelona

It is a pleasure to meet there for this Masonic discovery and these moments of fraternal sharing.

In the program
Visit to one or 2 lodges, and share their work, we will then share fraternal feasts.
Visit to the Arús Library 
Masonic route in the center of Barcelona 
Conference at the Francisco Ferrer Foundation 
Visit to the Sagrada Familia. 
Visit to Montjuic Castle, where Company was assassinated

INTRO to travel to Egypt of The Starry Vault. Departure on March 18, 2024! 

All the details of the trip: “Events” menu option “La Voûte Etoilée trips” or by clicking on the button below.

Audio board; Is Matter Spirit

Here is an INTRO to the first degree symbolic AUDIO board by NTCF B∴ G∴ – GODF at the Orient of Saint-Brieuc. THE FULL VIDEO in the Audios boards.

A gamble, a bit daring but a successful gamble. We were 347 SS∴ and FF∴ gathered this Saturday, June 24 to spend a late afternoon together, a solstice meal, followed by a ritual of lighting the Midsummer fire. 

For SS∴ and FF∴ subscribers to La Voûte Etoilée, full video and photo gallery for June 24 by clicking HERE.

musical moment

The intensity of the sounds of the desert evoking sound paintings: intense and hot storms and thunder, steep desert mountains, vast labyrinthine canyons. Time to listen, pause, reflect

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