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Every month, La Voûte Étoilée offers you 5 new books downloadable in PDF.

These works address different themes such as Alchemy, Hermeticism, the Rosicrucianism or Martinism. But also works dealing with Freemasonry and Anti-Masonism or certain History subjects.

Thus it offers the possibility to the FF∴ and SS∴ of all Obediences to deepen their search for Truth on the major themes addressed, from the angle of Spirituality on the one hand and from the angle of Humanism and of the Progress of Humanity on the other hand.

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Works for March 2024

Alchemy – Fulcanelli – The Mystery of the Cathedrals and the esoteric interpretation of the hermetic symbols of the great work Third enlarged edition, forty-nine new photographic illustrations.

Freemasonry – Desaguliers – The CONSTITUTIONS of the Freemasons Containing History, Obligations, Regulations, etc. Of this very Ancient and Very Venerable BROTHERHOOD. For use in lodges.

Hermeticism – THE KYBALION – STUDY ON THE HERMETIC PHILOSOPHY OF ANCIENT EGYPT AND ANCIENT GREECE BY THREE INITIATES. Translated from English by Mr. André Durville “The lips of Wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Reason.” – THE KYBALION.

Martinism – Jacob Boehme – SEX PUNCTA MYSTICA OR A SHORT EXPLANATION OF SIX MYSTICAL POINTS – Written in the year 1620

Rosicrucians – Sédir – History and Doctrines of the Rosicrucians. This work is only the first part to have been published and was written in 1911.

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