Olivier Pauquet, a Brother, an artist at heart.

personalized 18c gold stamp ring on quote! All engravings possible!

Olivier Pauquet, a Brother, an artist, who offers you a selection of his creations.

Moebius ribbon in 18c gold: €185 (depending on weight) (different dimensions possible, in silver or vermeil)

“Prince rose cross” pin in silver and coral pink: €48 (available in gold)

“Acacia” pin in 18c gold: €175 (available in silver: €40 or vermeil: €45)

“Acacia” ring in 18c gold: €325 depending on the weight (available in silver: €36 or vermeil: €44)

Soon the new Masonic collections

For any contact: olivierpauquet@gmail.com

A real jewelry store

Artist at heart, creative in approach, the craftsman is also an outstanding technician, a cutting-edge specialist, an informed scientist.
In turn, chemist, alchemist, mathematician, physicist…, he creates, manipulates, transforms, deforms, reforms, modifies, transfigures matter.
His approach, as creative as it may be, cannot stray from perfect technical mastery and scientific rigor. Artisanal creation is the result of methods, processes, calculations, combinations, associations, slowly learned and experienced at length.
Taming the fusion of metals, respecting gems and promoting them... so many approaches which characterize the permanent duel between the artistic craftsman and the materials he shapes, constantly seeking to master their constraints.
Halfway between the magician, the scholar and the artist, the artisan of art is a talented technician, maker of dreams and creator of beauty.”

The passion for pearls

Our passion for pearls dates back to the origins of the family business in 1955

We have always strived to offer a wide choice and the latest developments. This is how we were among the first to offer Biwa pearls, named after a lake in Japan, Tahitian pearls in the 1980s, golden pearls from the Philippines at the beginning of 2000. Olivier Pauquet having obtained the diploma of Gemological Institute of America (GIA) also offers fine (natural) pearls of all origins, these are extremely rare and a “gift” from Nature! A fine pearl is found by chance in a shell. An additional Diploma! Here is the note written by the Director of the prestigious SSEF laboratory (Swiss gemmology laboratory); ” It is with pleasure that we confirm that Mr Pauquet was a very interested and active participant, who greatly contributed to the success of the course. We are convinced that he has taken full advantage of the provided possibilities. ” Dr MS Krzemnicki Director SSEF foundation