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Olivia, IA of La Voûte Etoilée, invites you to discover the books of La Voûte Etoilée speakers, to see or replay the replays of the related conferences or to take the date of the conference that will be given on the subject.

The Armenian Promise - Philippe Rahxon - Book & conference (Conference August 26, 2024)

The Armenian's Promise is not a historical novel, but a memoir novel, with twists and turns, which takes place today on the roads of Turkey, and which pays homage to the brotherhood of memories.

A group of historians, in search of exceptional sources on the Armenian genocide of 1915, are confronted with the implacable rigor of an official history established as a matter of state. Hunted, their only resources will be their courage, their intelligence and their critical thinking….

Light to probe the world - Arnaud Cuisset - Book & conference (Replays from May 17, 2024)

Light has always played a fundamental role in the human species. From the first hominids to modern humans, it has shown the path to evolution and civilization. If for some, light is today the synonym of modernity and comfort, it is above all the universal messenger of nature. …

V. Boudon, A. Cuisset,
C. Richard, M. Rotger
Ellipses 2024
ISBN: 9782340087156

Creating commonality - Eddy Caekelberghs - Book & conference (Replay from February 28, 2024)

What do a scroll in cuneiform script attributed to Cyrus, a major figure in the ancient world, hundreds of years ago BC, the code of Hammurabi and a tale have in common? legendary African? What do they share with Habeas corpus, the Bill of Rights, a declaration of independence and French founding texts? Their major objective is to codify founding, fundamental and universalizable rights in that they speak to the humanity of Man.