Illustrated video podcasts

To fuel your personal reflection, La Voûte Étoilée offers you illustrated video podcasts. These podcasts cover subjects relating to Alchemy, Taro, Kabbalah or any other symbolic or initiatory subject. 

Richly illustrated, with high quality images directly linked to the subject and theme addressed, this approach makes listening more pleasant and more lively, giving you a real moment of reflection and more personal work combined with a pleasant moment of relaxation. 

Lasting from 10 to 30 minutes, they are available at any time and can be listened to and re-listened to at any time, including during a train or car journey.


Solange Sudarskis' illustrated podcasts

Solange is an honorary lecturer at the University of Lyon 1 Claude Bernard.
She is a Knight of the Order of Academic Palms.
She was initiated into Human Law and is an administrator of several Masonic groups.

A passionate and talented writer, Solange is also the author of more than 150 articles that she offers you today in a new form: her illustrated PODCASTS. She invites you to travel in her company to discover mysteries and symbolism. Mythology, symbolism, esotericism, Hermeticism, Myths, etc. are explained to you here, dissected in language and illustrations that will open the doors to a universe of unsuspected richness. 

February 2024: NOAH'S ARK

A wooden box saved humanity and nature: Noah's ark. A Mesopotamian clay tablet, presented at the British Museum in London, shakes up what we knew about the myth. By deciphering the 60 lines in cuneiform (the oldest writing in the world) present on its two sides, Irving Finkel, eminent British Assyriologist…

January 2024: Passwords

Following on from the last podcast on doors, it is only natural that today we will talk about passwords as keys to opening a passage. The password can be a code like for a safe, or login words reinforced by a code constituting the complete key to access to personal information on the net. A password therefore suggests an inside and an outside, something that allows opening, access. It is a border. If it is a right of passage, then these are rules of use, knowledge and behavior, of belonging to a group which must be justified.
In Egypt, the first degree initiate remained three years without communicating with the profane world...

October 2023: Doors to pass through

We are going to use doors to pass towards heterotopia, towards other places...
In alchemy, the operations of solve and coagula correspond to what the Christian tradition designates as the “power of the keys”; that of binding and loosening (potestas ligandi et solvendi). Their power is that of a silver key (corresponding to temporal power) and that of a gold key (corresponding to spiritual power).
The key is the exquisite shape of the lock, it opens and it fully reflects the hollow to which it adapts. The hollow being the “feminine” and the bump being the “masculine”.

News from NTCS Solange: Masonic Vagabondages (13 books), a collection to discover

The Masonic Vagabondages collection brings together, in 13 themes, articles by Solange Sudarskis published on the newspaper
With nearly 140 chapters and 900 references, the entire Collection constitutes a most valuable documentary resource for the instruction of Freemasons wishing to find benchmarks on the path of their Masonic progression.

Glow in the beginnings of the Masonic journey, the light of chiaroscuro opens paths to the imagination fertilizing philosophical and scientific insights. The master, triumphing over darkness in the middle chamber, will be led to become, in turn, a bringer of dawn.

Books from the Masonic Vagabondages Collection
01 Reflections on Freemasonry
02 Shards of Masonic decorations
03 Clarifications on Masonic uses
04 Luminescence of words and silences
05 Flaming of Masonic symbols
06 Effluence of spirituality in Freemasonry
07 Construction lighting
08 Clarity of time and space
09 Chiaroscuro of the paths of Knowledge
10 Nitescence of Duality
11 Lights towards the middle chamber
12 Philosophical Glimmers
13 Glitter of a Freemason's wandering

Some of the books in the collection...

The Masonic bibliography of Solange Sudarskis: 

To light the way : a philosophical approach to Freemasonry,
Freemason apprentice vocabulary
Vocabulary of the Freemason Companion
Master Freemason Vocabulary
What does it mean to cut your stone?
The twin columns. Insights on Jakin and Bo'az
Vagabond Dictionary of Masonic Thought, Literary Prize of the Masonic Institute of France (Essays and symbolism category)
Gather what is scattered
Once upon a time there was a myth, Hiram
Masonic gestures
Companion Rescue Manual without Instructor (co-author with Franck Fouqueray)
Masonic lines, the spirit of geometry
Freemasonry: How to move from profane to sacred