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March 2024: Milarepa, from black to white, power subjugated

Article from Matière à Penser n°15 – Power Games
The Disciple and Master of Reality

From his initial name Thopaga (1040-1123), the hermit Mila Re Pa, that of the Repa lineage who is dressed in a simple cotton garment, is a major figure for the Buddhist East and in particular for the people Tibetan. After Padmasambhava (742-797) and before Tsongkhapa (1357-1419), he is the Master of a path of realization according to the Spirit and the Body, whose aura has widely reached the West.
Its history and its success demonstrate that in one life, one body and one teaching, it is possible for any Subject at the height of his Desire, to cross all obstacles, not to conquer them, but to subject them to the Clear Vision .

January 2024: Joseph Ferrari and Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy: two prophetic geniuses who think in epochs of time. By Robert G. HEATH

Very nice article (in French and English) by G. HEATH. Author of “Lhe Western schism of 1054: the Franks impose their Creed on the Roman Church; THE Professor Robert G. HEATH (1923-2017), authors, of American nationality, lecturer, historian/sociologist, focused on universal history and the history of Europe, specialist in the year 1000, the role of the monastery of Cluny; Member of the Academy of Sciences of Lyon, Despite his studies in major American universities and those of Germany and France, the trigger for his historical orientation comes from his experience as an American aviator during the Second World War, during disembarkation in Italy.

“If there is an author who is not bored while writing, and one is not bored while reading, if he is a philosopher of history in whom humor and causticity never lose their rights, and which leads the reader, in its wake, into the most daring, most promising, most serious intellectual peregrinations, this is indeed our Ferrari. However, he almost became one of those obscure authors he makes fun of, “whose name is mentioned once a century during major library inventories”…

December 2023: the material: stone

Article from Matière à Penser n° 3, Matter: stone, by Maxime Auger.
Bereshit... in the beginning... The molten lava of the Creation of the world forms the earth, cools, hardens, becomes concrete. She becomes stone. It was at that time, a few million years before our era.

The stone is raw, primitive, not yet worked. Thus is the mountain which rises towards the sky and which mountaineers climb, peak in hand, these men and women who like to confront the highest stones. A small isolated mountain is a peak, puy, puech or puig on our old lands. It is the stone that rises furthest upwards, the Most High. The human appears, settles in Creation and ascends this eminence to meet his Creator.


The Bolligen tower, projection of a human soul by Didier Lafargue Food for thought n°30: FROM THE CABIN TO THE CAVE. The contributors to this thirtieth issue have sought out this modern "trend" of taking refuge in smaller spaces, a return to nature, which could recall our "famous prehistoric caves: style of an uncertain time, where the world, work becomes “nomad”, out of necessity or fear?

Unlike many intellectuals of our time, Jung tried to teach us how to live. Non-abstract, his thinking is rooted in reality and in activity. Eloquent on this point is his difference with Freud. Critical of religion, the latter was considered to have his feet buried in the ground and the credence he gave to the sexual origin of neuroses aroused the disapproval of the Zurich psychologist. He was struck to see that any form of spirituality, artistic movement or philosophical theory were considered by Freud as a disguise of sexuality. He argued that if he was right, all of civilization was just a huge farce!

October 2023: The Stones speak

The stones speak by Jean Claude Mondet Food for thought n°6: Of Stones and Men – The Stone, a Divine Alliance There was a time when all stories. There was a time when every story was a song...
There was no story, no poem, no epic, no teaching that was not embodied in the music of a voice...All literature was oral...Later, when images, then words , began to be written in stone, clay, papyrus, parchment, the stories no longer needed a voice...

I have had a difficult relationship with stones for a long time. As a child, I twisted my ankles on mountain paths. Watch where you step, they told me, but I preferred to look at the peaks. By climbing without precaution in the scree, I triggered mini landslides, at the risk of being swept away. The higher we go, the more mineral the universe is and soon, there is nothing left but rock in which we still sometimes find, at the beginning, little hearts hidden in the recesses. But as we climb further, there is soon no longer anyone alive but ourselves, reaching towards a summit from which we know that we will have to descend towards men.