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Take advantage of our services on The Starry Vault

The Starry Vault is a Space of Fraternity which allows exchanges, sharing, dialogues between SS∴ and FF∴ whatever their Obedience, their Orient, their country. The Starry Vault offers two axes:
Work in Fraternity – Conferences, seminars, Workshops which explore the fields of investigation of Freemasonry (Humanism, progress of Humanity, Esotericism, symbolism), tools for reflection (illustrated podcast, monthly articles, esoteric library, etc.)
A materialization of the Fraternity : Around thirty discussion groups, the Relays and the Brotherhood highways.
Events : Solsticial Festivals, public conferences & Zoom, cultural outings, trips

La Voûte Étoilée offers you every month

  • 5 to 8 conferences from La Voûte Etoilée.
  • REPLAYS of conferences & debates.
  • Solange's illustrated PodCast (Solange Sudarskis)
  • The articles in Matière à Penser and Humanisme & Lumière.
  • Access to an esoteric library. 5 books offered each month in downloadable PDF files.
  • Access to the locations and dates of Relais de Fraternity meetings.
  • Access to La Voûte Etoilée Telegram groups.
  • Literary video capsules.
  • Access to face-to-face and Zoom conferences from Voûte Étoilée partners (Salon Masonica, Association l’Acacia, etc.)
  • Access to the Chemin Étoilé Zoom conferences.
  • Access to events & trips organized by La Voûte Etoilée.

The Conferences of La Voûte Etoilée

La Voûte Étoilée offers conference cycles live and in REPLAY. These conferences are given by known and recognized speakers. In addition to the quality of the speakers, the richness of the Debates comes from the diversity of the SS∴ and FF∴ audience in Obediences, rites, countries (international work)
Cycle “History of Freemasonry” by NTCF Roger Dachez
Cycle “The Founding Texts & the Great Myth” by NTCF Alain Noël Dubart
Cycle “Religion and Philosophy” by NTCF Baudouin Decharneux
“Humanism & current affairs” cycle by NTCF Eddy Caekelbergs
Cycle “Humanism & progress” by NTCF Hervé Péro
Cycle “The Great Cathedrals Gothic Cathedrals” by NTCS Emmanuelle Auger
“Spirituality” cycle by NTCF Eric Remy.

Apart from the conference cycles, La Voûte Etoilée also offers you unique conferences, evenings spent together on the varied themes of Humanism & spirituality

Illustrated PodCasts

A monthly PodCasts chronicle of symbolic illustrated videos
Travel to the cinema on symbolic subjects… more than a trip

Passionate and talented writer, NTCS S:. is also the author of more than 150 articles that she offers you today in a new form: her illustrated PODCASTS. She invites you to travel in her company to discover mysteries and symbolism. Mythology, symbolism, esotericism, Hermeticism, Myths, etc. are explained to you here, dissected in language and illustrations that will open the doors to a universe of unsuspected richness.

The esoteric & symbolic library

A library and a librarian

Each month, La Voûte Etoilée offers you the addition of 5 books downloadable in PDF. Find works on Martisnism, The Rosicrucians, Freemasonry, etc. We also offer you the progressive construction of a source of links to other libraries which will allow you to satisfy your search for works. Finally, you will be able to discover and acquire recent works. 

The Telegram Groups of The Starry Vault

Discussion groups - Instant contact

La Voûte Etoilée offers you around thirty Telegram groups in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Quebec, ….LVE-Ile-de-France, LVE-Paca, LVE-Hauts-de-France, LVE- Octoania, LVE-Brussels, LVE-Switzerland, …

The idea is:

  • To allow regionally close SS∴ and FF∴ to easily come into contact with each other.
  • To allow us to easily come into contact with SS∴ and FF∴ during our trips or trips

The relays, the highways of La Fraternity

Materialization of the Fraternity, the Relays of the Fraternity are groups of SS and FF of various Obediences which:

  • They all live in the SAME CITY
  • who WANT to meet informally outside of the Lodge
  • who are all members of La Voûte Etoilée

These meetings can be an aperitif, a dinner in a restaurant, a meeting at one or the other's home, ... Each S∴, each F∴ can download at any time on La Voûte Etoilée the places and dates of meetings of the Relays in the cities of France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Caribbean, etc. We thus materialize an ease of informal, friendly, fraternal meeting, both local and regional, national and international.

The events



Audio Boards - Videos of the Starry Vault

La Voûte Etoilée offers you another way to travel: Audio boards. You can listen to them quietly at home but also on the train, while traveling by car, etc. Recorded with the voice of their authors, they regain an authentic character. It also allows our SS∴ and FF∴ with reading difficulties to benefit from a wealth of content.
Very regularly, you will discover new audio boards. If you have a work that you would like to see published in audio on La Voûte Etoilée, we invite you to contact us. We will schedule a Zoom together and save your board. 

The boards of the Starry Vault

La Voûte Etoilée offers you the SS∴ and FF∴ boards 

You will also find PDF files and other documents from the Zoom conferences offered on La Voûte Etoilée.

It is also HERE that you will find the audio files of the conferences if you were unable to attend them.