Replays of conference-debates

La Voûte Étoilée offers replays of each conference-debate hosted by a Master Freemason, a Past GM, or renowned Freemasons. 

These replays reproduce both the conference and the exchanges between the speaker and all the Masons participating in the enriching debate which followed, with respect and kindness, as is usual in the Lodge.

They offer the possibility to the FF∴ and SS to deepen their search for Truth on the major themes addressed from the angle of Spirituality on the one hand and from the angle of Humanism and the Progress of Humanity on the other hand, at the moment which agrees.

These replays are available without time limit and can therefore be followed at any time, from any location in the world, at the Freemason's convenience, on PC, tablet or smartphone.

REPLLAYS prior to summer 2023 can be found in the conference-debate files.

Sunday April 21, 2024: conference: Solomon, between history and legend

An evening to decipher the image of King Solomon in the Muslim religion. Its representation in cathedrals and the world of the Roman Church and a rarely mentioned interpretation, the symbolic one of the language of birds. By NTCF Baudouin Decharneux, philosopher, writer and historian of religions. Professor at the Free University of Brussels, recognized as a specialist in Hellenized Judaism, early Christianity and the Fathers of the Church.

Thursday April 18, 2024: conference: From madness to the Absolute: Jainism

Can we believe that one of the oldest and most grandiose religious philosophies in the world, well known in English-speaking circles, has remained virtually unknown in French-speaking circles?

Secular or religious, Jains have always been followers of respect for all life, rigorous defenders of non-violence and tolerance.
Their conceptions of the universe and human destiny are what make them original.

Tuesday April 2, 2024: conference: At the origins of spirituality in Islam: the Koran and ancient spiritualities

Studies on the Koran and the origins of Islam have been in complete upheaval for several years. Much more than in the past, specialists are currently highlighting the particularly close links which unite the Koran with the religions of Antiquity, notably Christianity. During this presentation, we will talk about the spirituality of the Koran and we will see how the founding text of Islam develops a very deep spiritual system that is largely ignored in contemporary literature.

Wednesday March 6, 2024: conference: the Tarot of Marsile: a hermetic-neoplatonic temple

After a first conference (accessible in REPLAY) where the “Primordial Tracing” was re-emerged, a secret geometry, undoubtedly transmitted by fraternities or guilds of builders for more than 25 centuries, which structures most of architecture Western sacred. This simple geometry has surprising mathematical virtues. At the heart of this Route is the “Triple Septenary” which in particular gives the particular geometry of the Carry Sheet. We discovered how this magical device involves a new ordering of the major arcana to construct the allegorical architecture of our Temple.

Monday March 4, 2024: conference: Crossed perspectives between the Middle Way and The Middle Chamber by Jean Claude Chaise

Today, here is an invitation to turn to the east with a conference on the convergences and divergences between liberal Freemasonry and the Middle Way - the Mādhyamika -, one of the schools of the Way of the Buddha. Crossed perspectives between the Middle Chamber and the Middle Way: we can already hear the difference between reaching and traveling.

Wednesday February 28, 2024: conference: Creating commonality By NTCF Eddy Caekelberghs

What do a scroll in cuneiform script attributed to Cyrus, a major figure in the ancient world, hundreds of years ago BC, the code of Hammurabi and a tale have in common? legendary African? What do they share with Habeas corpus, the Bill of Rights, a declaration of independence and French founding texts? Their major objective is to codify founding, fundamental and universalizable rights in that they speak to the humanity of Man.

Wednesday February 21, 2024: conference: The architecture of the Tarot de Marseille By NTCF Frédéric Beatrix

Through a simple geometric demonstration then numerous examples, Frédéric BEATRIX reveals the “Primordial Tracing”. It is a secret geometry, undoubtedly transmitted by fraternities or corporations of builders for more than 25 centuries, which structures most of Western sacred architecture. 

Wednesday January 24, 2024: conference: Prometheus By NTCF Alain-Noël Dubart

A figure inherited from the “transmitter of fire”, Prometheus is best known for having stolen the sacred fire of Olympus to donate it to humans. Angered by this unfair act, Zeus condemns him to be tied to a rock on Mount Caucasus, his liver

Monday January 22, 2024: conference: From madness to the Absolute, sacred architecture of India

From madness (with a lowercase letter) to the Absolute-(with a capital letter A) the sacred architecture of India -Nathanaëlle will bring us closer to what the inhabitants of India share in terms of vision of the world and its symbolic representation in its traditions and in the architecture of some of its temples.

Thursday January 11, 2024: conference: The Initiatory Tarot, the four paths. By Kinthia Appavou

Kinthia APPAVOU, from her Indian origin, brings us in her book of the Initiatory Tarot a unique vision which combines both the teachings of PLATO Le Karuna, of Ramana Maharshi, ..notably through the apocryphal gospels which have emerged to the surface from Earth a few years ago...

Tuesday January 9, 2024: conference: The Initiatory Tarot, the reading keys - E:. A:.

Eliphas Levi in “Dogmas and Ritual of High Magic” tells us this when speaking of the Tarot: “It is a monumental and singular work, simple and strong like the architecture of the pyramids, therefore durable like them.

Thursday January 4, 2024: conference: The presence of the past and our representations of reality - lights and darkness. By NTCF Ph:. Ra:..

A conference which will remain in our memories, a very rich debate. 

Wednesday December 27, 2023: Starry Path Conference – Stéphan’s Initiatory Evenings – OPUS 2: initiation, traditional esotericism, Philosophia perennis, spiritual alchemy

After having mapped the territory of Eternal Philosophy, having revisited certain fundamental notions in opus1, we will endeavor to understand the constituent principles of this initiatory philosophy.

Thursday, December 21, 2023: conference: The Two Saint-Jeans (Winter Solstice Conference) – E:. A:.

Since the dawn of humanity, Man has become aware of the regularity of the cycles that punctuate his life. Among a multitude, the first and most immediate is undoubtedly that of the regular alternation of days and nights. The four key times: dawn, noon, dusk and midnight, mark the structure of all cycles and allow us to orient ourselves on the Earth that carries us.

Tuesday December 19, 2023: conference: Chartres Cathedral (Series of conferences, The Great Gothic Cathedrals) – E:. HAS:.

According to late and legendary traditions which aim to prove the anteriority of the episcopal see of Chartres over that of Sens, the construction of the first building took place around 350. Called "Aventin Cathedral", from the name of the first bishop of the city , Aventine of Chartres, the latter dates more probably from the beginning of the 5th century. …

Thursday December 7, 2023: conference: Does Progress have a future? (H:. P:.)

Second part of this cycle of four conferences on progress Can progress, a concept so dear to Freemasons, be confirmed as an ideology like any other? This seminar will address the various critiques of the notion of progress over the past three decades, and based on what we know today, and will try to clarify the future of this concept, inscribed in the pediment of Masonic institutions.

Tuesday December 5, 2023: conference: Reading the world through energies MODULE 2 (E:. R:.)

A conference that takes us beyond conventional knowledge to explore fascinating topics such as the telluric network, music and vibrations, as well as the application of these principles in sacred places around the world. You will discover how harmonious vibrations can transform our environment and our well-being.

Conference of November 26, 2023: The Temple in New Testament literature

As part of the NTCF Baudouin Decharneux conference cycle

Conference of November 22, 2023: Back to the future (H:. P:.)

Back to the future ? Where do we come from, where are we going?

Conference of November 17, 2023: The Great Gothic Cathedrals: Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral (E:. A:.)

It was in 1163 that the construction of the Gothic cathedral began, which burned down on June 15, 2019. Built in 182 years, it burned in one night. A cathedral in the heart of Paris, on the Ile de la Cité!

Conference on Tuesday, November 7, 2023: The Chivalry of Work (Eddy Caekelberghs)

Did you know that, born after the Civil War, in 1865 in the United States, a Knighthood of Labor forged a pioneering union defense under the name “Knights of Labor”? 

Conference on Monday, November 6, 2023: Reading the world through energies (E:. R:.)

An exciting evening: Are you ready to discover the mysteries hidden behind the energies that nourish our world...

Zoom conference on Thursday, November 2 Annick de SOUZENELLE – A century of spiritual quest (By NTCS E:. A:.)

This great lady celebrated her centenary on November 4: Annick de Souzenelle.
How did she come to approach the esoteric essence of the most read texts in the world: those of the Bible? What anthropological approach did she create? What does it change in our understanding of sacred texts? of the genesis of life? of the balance of life?

Conference of October 31, 2023: Scottish Freemasonry and Masonry in Scotland in the 17th century: filiation or borrowing?
(Roger Dachez)

History, our History, an essential part? Understanding who we are helps us understand what we do. Nothing is more complex and ambiguous than the expression “Scottish masonry”. Does it designate a historical, geographically located reality, or rather a Masonic tradition which emerged during the 18th century? Is there anything between the latter and Masonic practices? 

Conference of October 29, 2023: The Old Testament (Baudouin Decharneux)

Exciting lighting. Studying biblical texts is a complex reality. In this conference we will address the construction of the Temple of Jerusalem, a construction which reveals a typology which runs through the biblical texts even well before its construction, from the Garden of Eden, to the...

Conference of October 26, 2023: Letter on Tolerance – John Lock (Alain-Noël Dubart)

An extraordinary conference which shows us all the power of thought which emerged at the end of the 17th century, and which would lead to the Age of Enlightenment. A conference which shows the links between the Royal Society, Lock, Newton, Desaguliers, etc. and emerging Freemasonry. A conference which shows us a model of society and why secularism is being undermined today. If we do not understand the past we cannot change the present. A conference to consume without moderation

Conference of October 25, 2023: Gender Questions or the Journeys of Transidentity. A certain number of academic studies, books, polemics, controversies, articles, sites, etc. exist on the question of “Transidentity” Our S:. Pascale offers us here another path to discover and demystify these subjects, by taking us on her own path of life. During this conference, we will therefore live together, transidentity experienced from the inside according to an authentic guide broken down into 7 journeys

NTCS is willing to repeat this conference on La Voûte Etoilée for the SS and FF who were unable to be present this October 25

Conference of October 24, 2023: The Great Gothic Cathedrals: The Notre-Dame cathedrals project: establishment, growth of cities (E:. A:.)

It is the end of the Merovingians, the beginning of the Carolingians. The Frank is a free being: the serf is attached to the service of the land where he was born. In the kingdom of the Franks, the sale or purchase of humans was prohibited, even if they were captives. …

Zoom Conference The Masonic ideal
In the 18th century it was by being in agreement with what this F:.M:. what Hegel called “the spirit of the times” that the F:.M:. could experience the development that we know.
In what way and how can it be in phase with the emerging culture? With what some call “postmodernity”. Perhaps, faithful to the “progressive philosophy”, that is to say a philosophy anchored in Tradition,…

Thursday September 21, 2023
Zoom Conference Democracy or Crime
Have you noticed that among us who claim to be "right-thinking", the term democracy is used all over the place, especially when it comes to expressing dissatisfaction with an opinion or actions which we appear contrary to our values, and we denounce...

Monday September 11, 2023
Zoom conference evening for the release of “Cahiers du Cénacle.”
Reasons to believe. If our Tradition can always be questioned and evolve from time to time, it is also a guarantor of our strength, its very essence, which it is our duty to preserve, transmit and...

Monday August 28, 2023
Does considering nature as a common and universal good contribute to the emancipation of Man? by NTCS Fr:. Gu:

Monday August 17, 2023
Humanity and Artificial Intelligence by NTCF H:. Pe:.

Thursday August 3, 2023
Take pulpit by NTCF St:. Ch:. 

Monday July 17, 2023
The egregore by NTCF Jacques François

Tuesday June 20, 2023
The Social Control Society by NTCF Ed:. Cae:.

Friday June 9, 2023
Abraham, Infanticide or Not, Episode Two, by NTCF Phi:. Olivia:

Monday June 5, 2023
Abraham, Infanticide or Not, Episode One, by NTCF Phi:. Olivia:. 

Thursday May 4, 2023
Sacred Architecture, from Cathedrals to our Rituals by NTCS, Emmanuelle Auger

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