Replays of first degree Masonic Instructions

Zoom of Masonic Instructions at the first degree from June 10 to 16, 2024.

We offer Freemasons, whatever their degree, to visit or revisit the symbolism of the first degree. an original work and reflection tool. The symbols of the first degree are universal and are found in one form or another in all the Rites.
These instructions are not dedicated to a particular Rite, they are not reserved for Apprentices. On the contrary, they embrace what brings us together and allow everyone to express themselves according to their background. They are dedicated to all Freemasons whatever their rank, who will never stop working on their stone which they know will be forever imperfect.
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Working on the Rough Stone using the Chisel and Mallet

Retreat from June 3 to 7, 2024

The Rough Stone is the first of the three material elements of your writing. Keep in mind that a stone is raw until human work has begun to transform it. Before becoming stone, she was in a quarry and formed a large whole. Conceive the idea that the quarry is the uneducated, uneducated whole of humanity and the stone is a representation of yourself. The starting point is this large informal whole, from which a raw stone is extracted. By the action of your will it will become cubic. The objective is that this stone, having become harmonious in its shape and geometric proportions, can then be used to build the Temple.

The sun and the moon

Retreat from June 3 to 7, 2024

We therefore observe that Moon and Sun are in the East on each side of the Venerable Master who symbolizes Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. In its symbolic function, the Moon is on the North side, where the Light is least strong. The Sun therefore is located in the South, where the Light is most powerful. In other words, it is because the Moon is a feminine, gentle principle and because it diffuses a subdued light, that the Apprentices, who only tolerate a weak light of knowledge, are in the North. As the Sun radiates, it is in the South column that the Companions are placed.

The Mosaic Pavement

Retreat from June 3 to 7, 2024

Above all, we must not limit our perception of white tiles versus black tiles. This should be seen as the principle of “ordo ab chaos”. Order always comes after chaos and our Pavé is a representation of this order imposed by the creative forces of the Universe. This horizontal order which is to be related to its celestial counterpart. Let's approach the Pavé and also see the microparticles of black which exist infinitely in the white tiles and the microparticles of white which exist in the black tiles. We therefore have an interpenetration of the two colors which become entangled without being able to unite in order to preserve their dual symbolism.

The Plumb Line

Retreat from June 3 to 7, 2024

With Plumb Line, we approach another form of complementary duality. This is a law of nature, that of universal gravity. A force external to the visible Symbol is in action and thus renders the Plumb Line passive. This force can be compared to the Mallet which exerts a pressing and constant action on the Chisel. In summary, gravity is active and the Plumb Bob is passive. Who among us could boast of stopping or turning back time? Who could boast of permanently overcoming the law of gravity? Nobody obviously. Consequently, we can affirm that the Universe is governed by laws that man must indisputably accept and with which he must come to terms, at the risk of using up his life and energy.

The Silence of the Apprentice

At a time when everything must move quickly, this very rich exercise unfortunately does not last long enough during our Instruction. We should be able to spend years perfecting this art of active listening. How many of our friends thank us profusely for simply listening to them when they had problems? A good presence filled with listening and sincere attention sometimes allows you to help a friend more effectively than with a long moralizing speech full of enlightened advice.
To summarize and conclude the practical and physical aspects of this exercise, we can say that silence is a means of leading the Apprentice onto the path of Tolerance and recognition of others.

The light

Above all, we must understand that the mason starts from Darkness to go towards the Light. In other words, he comes from a divided space (the diabolo) to go, through his work and his will, towards the Light, that is to say towards a space of Unity. We could easily compare this principle to the one that should begin to be familiar to you, that of the “sumbolon”, the one that you read in the Symbols chapter. You obviously remember this phrase: “Gather what is scattered”. This is precisely the role of Light. It concentrates and brings together to then be able to diffuse through its radiation.


According to certain Rites[2], their form of architecture is also of interest. The Wisdom Pillar is generally in the Ionic style, the Strength Pillar is in the Doric style, and the Beauty Pillar is in the Corinthian style. The choice of architectural arts in each of the Pillars is not trivial. No more than their shape. Each Pillar is an absolutely perfect synthesis of the four elements. The foot of each Pillar rests on the Earth (see: Cabinet de Réflexion), the shaft (part between the base and the capital) is linked to the element Air, the volutes of the capital (ornamental motif, constituted by a winding in form of spirals) are to be linked to the water element, the Fire element, for its part, sits above.

The Luminous Delta

In Lodge, the Luminous Delta is always placed above the V∴M∴ in the East. Rays emanate all around this triangular shape, an eye is usually found in the center. As a school reminder, the Delta triangle, to be created, requires the development of a geometric shape which is the third step in the creation of the geometry process. The first being the point, then the second the line and finally the third by the succession of three straight lines. As everyone can remember, this shape is either isosceles or scalene, that is to say with equal legs for the first, or with unequal sides for the second.

The Thinking Cabinet

You spent an hour or more in this office, in the dark with only a candle for light. It is obvious that for any claustrophobic person, it was hell under Earth. This is precisely the objective of this test. The first of the journeys which corresponds to the first element of the four (Earth / Air / Water / Fire). It has the symbolism of feeling that the Earth is the place where everything must die before being reborn. This understanding leads us to perceive the temporality and impermanence of life in this earthly dimension. Everything we see in this Cabinet is a reminder of permanent death.

The Number 3

Now let's take the word multiply, the root three is certainly not directly present and yet, let's look carefully. Let's take the rope with 13 knots and 12 intervals of the builders which I spoke about in the chapter of the "Radiant Delta", if you close it on itself, you fold it, it doubles in thickness, but no shape appears. If you want a first geometric figure, you need to create 3 angles with your rope. You thus generate a triangle. Thanks to this operation, you “multiply”, in other words, you do multi folding, or in more modern language, multiplication. Which means creating several angles by bending the rope.