The spiritual path

Approaches to hidden knowledge.

Every Sister, every Brother has asked themselves one day: What is the meaning of my life? How can we give it more meaning? Am I filling it out to the best of my ability? Where I come from ? Or I'll ?
What if I put a little spirituality into my existence?
Freemasonry shows the paths that shed significant light on these questions.

Esotericism, hermetic philosophy, alchemy, religion, symbolism, La Voûte Etoilée offers you conferences on these varied and serious spiritual and symbolic approaches which invite us to an in-depth understanding of “hidden knowledge” and allow us to glimpse a small end of the true Light, beyond appearances, and thus change our view of the world.

The Conferences of La Voûte Etoilée

La Voûte Étoilée offers conference cycles live and in REPLAY. These conferences are given by known and recognized speakers. In addition to the quality of the speakers, the richness of the Debates comes from the diversity of the SS∴ and FF∴ audience in Obediences, rites, countries (international work).

A monthly column of symbolic PodCasts

A passionate and talented writer, Solange is also the author of more than 150 articles that she offers you today in a new form: her illustrated PODCASTS. She invites you to travel in her company to discover mysteries and symbolism. Mythology, symbolism, esotericism, Hermeticism, Myths, etc. are explained to you here, dissected in language and illustrations that will open the doors to a universe of unsuspected richness.