Secure Discussion Groups – Telegram Groups

La Voûte Étoilée offers secure discussion groups between members. They make it possible to disseminate Fraternal contacts instantly, to maintain relationships, to establish contacts between all Masons, of all Obediences, of all countries and of all cultures.

By being a member, you have access to the general group, regional groups and all thematic groups.

The general group allows you to get in touch, to dialogue, to share with any Brother, any Sister, member of La Voûte Étoilée, from all countries. Regional groups make it possible to initiate cultural meetings (visits to museums, exhibitions, etc.), Masonic (visits to Workshops, etc.) or festive (small restaurants between FF∴ and SS∴, etc.).

These groups make it possible to maintain contact and dialogue between Masons, isolated, unable to meet in a Lodge, to dialogue between Brothers and Sisters and to be united by this same Fraternity, regardless of the distance.

To make these groups accessible to all members, La Voûte Étoilée relies on Telegram messaging, easy to install and use, and completely secure. This messaging is free and available on both smartphones and PCs.

La Voûte Étoilée already offers around thirty different groups, spread across many countries, and addressing many different themes. By being a member, you have the list and links of all groups.

Group The Starry Vault

LVE-Ile-de-France Group

LVE-Paca Group

LVE-Occitanie Group

Gr. LVE-Hauts-de-France

LVE-Belgium Group

LVE-Bxl Group

LVE-Quebec Group

Other La Voûte Etoilée Groups to which you will have access:

  • LVE-Switzerland
  • LVE–AFU-Caribbean
  • LVE-Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
  • LVE-New Aquitaine
  • LVE-Africa
  • LVE-Maghreb
  • LVE-Indian-Ocean